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"Russia's investment in Africa: New challenges and prospects" - [Pambazuca 13/08/14]

Russia’s presence in Africa remains marginal, largely due to historical reasons. But this could soon change. Several delegations from African states have visited Moscow in recent months and the Russian government appears determined to strengthen ties with Africa. [more]


"Sixth BRICS Summit - Fortaleza Declaration" - [Itamaraty.Gov.Br - 01/08/14]

Official declaration released at the end of the Sixth BRICS Summit held in Fortaleza, Brazil in July. [more]


"While emerging economies boom, equality goes bust" - [Science - 23/05/14]

"In China, the richest 10% now makes 13 times as much as the poorest 10%, compared with five times as much in the United States, according to data from the China Family Panel Studies, run by Peking University's Institute of Social Science Survey in Beijing." [more]


"Will the BRICS Bank be a game changer for Africa?" - [AllAfrica 22/07/14]

The more the BRICS Bank raises the profile and confidence in Africa's emerging leaders, the more the developmental agenda can have an African flavour thus empowering Africans to better participate in their own development processes. [more]


"Is the new BRICS Bank a challenge to US global financial power?" - [RealNews 18/07/14]

Michael Hudson and Leo Panitch discuss and debate the significance of the new international development bank created by the BRICS countries. [more]


"6th BRICS Summit: the seeds of a new financial architecture" - [ALAI 01/07/14]

A monetary stabilization fund called Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) and a development bank called BRICS Bank will operate as a multilateral mechanism in support of balance of payments and investment financing. De facto, the BRICS will distance themselves from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank... [more]

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